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CSBMM values the privacy of the information of users and visitors to its website, guaranteeing its total secrecy, unless required by judicial decision. This policy can be changed at any time and will always be available for consultation on the website.

1. Commitment to Privacy

The data informed by the participants and other users of the website in electronic forms or by other means of interaction are restricted to the purpose of accessing the content of this website and/or participation in programs offered by CSBMM, which does not give or sell mailing to its users.

2. Information Collection and Disclosure

Users access the website and use some of the services without having to identify themselves. However, there are some services - such as the Restricted Area - which request personal information to grant access. In the registration of participants, interested parties fill in their complete personal data on their own initiative and this information is used internally for statistics. This personal information may be used at any time and date, solely and exclusively by CSBMM.

3. What information is requested from users and how it will be used

When users access the pages of the site, the servers record anonymous information - without direct identification of the Internet user. This information is the number of the IP (Internet Protocol) used, the total number of pages browsed by the user (page views), the date and time of access, the location, the length of time connected to the site (session time and user session), the provider that provided access, the browser used and the areas of interest of each internet user. All this information is generic, not linked to personal data, so it does not identify a specific user.

4. Use of Cookies

Cookies are small data files sent by some websites to their users' browsers (Internet browsing programs). These files are stored on the hard drives of Internet users' computers every time a website is accessed. Cookies are generally used to track user traffic patterns, indicating the most browsed pages.

The platform uses this file so that the site is informed that the user has already accessed a certain page or service, preventing further requests for each new connection. In other words: if the site includes a warning for Internet users, the cookie will allow the user to see it only once, without the need for the page, window or information to appear on all accesses. However, cookies cannot contain users' personal information, such as name, address, email and others. Nor can they have access to data on the Internet users' hard drive or to other cookies created by other sites. A cookie file can only contain personal information if the user chooses to send it during the registration process.

5. Commitment to security and information storage

The platform has security systems (firewalls) that prevent invasions in its database. In addition, only a limited number of employees can access this information. To protect the data of its users, CSBMM uses the same resources that it uses to protect its own information.

6. Contact for additional information

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please ask for a clarification by e-mail at: microscopia@eventus.com.br